Drum Circle Basics

What is a drum circle? 
A drum circle is a group of people gathered into a circle for the purpose of making music with percussion instruments.  Drum circles are usually open to everyone regardless of their level of experience.  Individuals bring drums, rattles, didgeridoos and other instruments to create rhythm together.   People drum, dance or relax in the music.  

Drum Circle Etiquette

No focus on individual belief systems or religion.  Drumming is for all individuals regardless of personal beliefs. 

It's not just what you PLAY that counts; it's what you DON'T play.

All people are welcome with all beliefs.   The reason this works so well is that no one pushes their beliefs on anyone else.  Religion and spiritual beliefs are not discussed. 

When trying to figure out how to play with the rest of the group, play your part modestly for awhile to let the groove get going.  Leave lots of open spaces. Listen more than you speak. Don't play too loud. See how the main parts all interact and then, if you feel a certain part, go with it.   Take your time to listen to everyone else.  

Drumming is all about working together.  When the circle works as a team, everyone benefits, because we all hit the point where the energy flows, time stops and we all feel a heightened sense of togetherness....that bliss only occurs when the circle works together.

Why is the music so much fun one time and frustrating another time?

Drum circles tend vary widely in quality, depending on the facilitator, who is attending, the beginner to advanced ratio, and the general state of mind of the players. It can be very subjective. More than likely when finished playing, there is someone feeling one way only to discover that the person next to them is feeling just the opposite.

Drumming can heighten relaxation and awareness and this can greatly enhance the experience. With practice, the unpleasant jams subside, and the good ones increase.  

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