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Open Drum - September 24, 2005  

This month was the first time we had a base drum to hold the beat while the other drums carried the rhythm!  A nice addition.

Tips on buying a Djembe!

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This months collection
Each month our collection looks a little different and the variety of drums adds to our sound and variety.  This month we also have a new addition to our family ~ traditional wooden spoons!  Thank you Michael!

One of the lessons from the Magbana retreat was how to tune the djembes!  This is a bit of knowledge that every drummer can use...

Our comments on the Magbana Retreat

Rhythmweb Djembe link

Another link for Tuning

Learn how to play ordinary spoons here:

David Holt: Music - How To Play The Spoons

Triple Musical Spoons

 Musical Spoons

We  continue to search for links that will be helpful to all levels of drummers.   If you know of any great links that we can share email: OpenDrum@thehopelink.com

DjembeL Link for Books!