July 16, 2005 Drum Circle

Our members have a variety of rattles, some of which are pictured above.   Rattles help to create a full sensation as they are played in the midst of the deeper drums


This month our group met and played for just about two hours.  Every month someone has a new addition to our collection of drums used in the circle.   This month the new addition was the drum pictured on the left with the copper accents, called a Doumbek.

One of the nice things about playing together is the experience of multiple instruments played by multiple people with varying talents and individual rhythms.   It is fun to have enough instruments around to switch it up a bit and also to have enough people to play many things at one time.

I have come to believe that each of us does carry within us our own unique rhythm.   When you truly relax and play the drums a certain rhythm flows from your hands.   Now when in a group working on a deliberate rhythm this personal rhythm is subdued, but never far away.   In our group we make time for spontaneous playing so that we can let those rhythms run fierce and free!  This undisciplined form of drumming is a must!   It leads to a great release, lots of jamming, smiles and good vibration. 

We have decided, even with the love of undisciplined drumming, to integrate some deliberate rhythms in to our group and next month each person is going to try to bring one new rhythm for the group to follow.  Of course we will still be squeezing in some open-drum!!  Hence our name!!  :)  

One of things we would love to add to our group is the Native American Flute.   As of right now, no-one in the group has a flute or plays the flute, so if you know someone who does or you play, then Join Us!!

Finally a word about finding a drum and learning to play.  There are many places to look for drums and lots of people purchase their drums straight off the internet.   Personally I like to go to a store and play all the drums that are in the store and then pick out the drum I want to purchase.  

Toko Imports is where I have purchased most of my drums.  The owner Tom is a very helpful, knowledgeable man who loves making drums for a living.    Toko Imports is located in Ithaca New York  in the Dewitt Mall.    Beginner and Advanced learning materials are available there also (including Bill Mathews book pictured to the left).

Hope to have you drumming with us in the near future!

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Irish Bodran Drum

Doumbek -This unique drum with copper accents only requires a soft touch to bring it to life.

This is a small flute, very decorative with a beautiful soft sound

 Bill Mathews has several great resources for all drummers.






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