White Water Rafting in New York

Some of the best White Water Rafting is done on the Hudson River, located in Indian Lake New York.   This river trip is a 17-mile river trip through the Hudson Gorge and it is beautiful!  The River Trip starts in Indian Lake and ends in North Creek.  The Hudson is a great river for rafters of all skill levels.   In the Spring the water is really BIG and in the Summer the river is Gorgeous.   The river is open April through October.There are lots of outfitters who are willing to take you down the river, but three of my favorites are Adirondack Rafting Company, Professional River Runners, and Adirondack Rafting Outfitters.   It is really important to make sure you run with a good company.  A good company always has licensed guides who are experienced and the company has quality equipment.  Don't be fooled by low prices.

If you are interested in rafting you can use the following links to contact the companies:

 Adirondack Rafting Company / ARC, Professional River Runners / PRO, or Adirondack River Outfitters / ARO



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